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 I uploaded files, but still see the default webpage.
Solution There are 3 common reasons why you see this error:

1) Your main website file is not named index.htm or index.html

When someone goes to http://www.DOMAIN.com/ what really happens is that the server says "Alright, they want the index page for this domain name". Now, the index page can have a couple of names, but they're very specific. You must use one of the following names for your index page:



The test page we put up on your website by default is called "index.html" - You must replace that with your index page. If you decide to use index.htm as your main page you must remove the index.html file the we provided and out yours in it's place.

2) UNIX is case sensitive so that "L" is NOT the same as "l". "Hello.jpg" and "hello.jpg" would be different files. Make sure your index file is named in all lower case.

3) You did not upload your index.html file into your "/www" directory. All website files must be put in this directory.

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