24 Jul 2024 
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General (34) CGI, Perl and PHP (13)
Can I send Spam or bulk email?Do you offer anonymous FTP?Do you offer catchall e-mail address?Do you offer audio/video streaming support?Do you offer Windows based hosting?more topics Can I use any cgi script on my account?Can I use Matt's FormMail?Can I use SSI or .shtml files?Do you support php scripts?What is the path to sendmail?more topics
Domains and DNS (21) Billing (10)
Can I modify my DNS and MX records?How do I modify nameservers for a domain I registered with you.Can I access my domain name without the www in front?Can I setup subdomains?Can I transfer my domain from my current registrar to your registrar?more topics Can I transfer the ownership of my account to someone else?How can I make a payment?Where do I go to update my creditcard?What types of payment do you accept?My credit card was automatically charged. Why?more topics
Website, Email and Settings (23)
I uploaded files, but still see the default webpage.How do I publish using Frontpage?I am using FTP. Where and how do I upload files?How can I check and send SMTP/POP3/IMAP/Web email?How can I create or delete email accounts?more topics
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