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 Do you offer audio/video streaming support?
Solution Yes, we do.

There are two forms of Real-Audio support. One is called "Streaming RealAudio" and the other is "HTTP Streaming Real Audio". The former uses a special RealAudio server and the latter is served off your web site like any .wav, .pdf file, etc: When the user clicks on the file, they download it to a special viewer. HTTP Streaming RealAudio is suffice for 99% of the applications out there, because it allows the user to listen to the file while it is downloading. The "Streaming RealAudio" that requires a pay-per-stream server is not needed unless you are doing a live audio feed. RealAudio wants to sell their expensive servers, so naturally they'll want you to think you're going to get better performance by using their servers. At Your-Site, we offer HTTP Streaming RealAudio support as well as most other common video and audio types, such as MP3 and MPG.

We also support the ability to stream MP3 audio and various video formats, but these are dependant on if the format supports streaming and how you choose to stream the information. You can find information about these by using Google.com to search for "mp3 streaming" or "video streaming". http://transom.org/tools/webaudio/200403.mp3_streaming.html is a good site to learn about MP3 streaming.

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