23 Apr 2024 
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 Can I modify my DNS and MX records?
 Absolutely! If we are
 How do I modify nameservers for a domain I registered with you.
 If we registered a domain
 Can I access my domain name without the www in front?
 Yes, you will be able to
 Can I setup subdomains?
 Yes, you can have subdoma
 Can I transfer my domain from my current registrar to your registrar?
 We can do this for a 1 ti
 Can you register non .com domain names?
 Currently, we can registe
 Do I need a domain name?
 Your own domain name is r
 Do you offer URL forwarding?
 Any domain that is regist
 How do I transfer my domain name away from Your-Site?
 If we registered your dom
 How do I update my DNS so my domain can be hosted by Your-Site?
 This depends on the Domai
 How long does it take until my domain is registered/transferred and live?
 We register your domain a
 I currently own a non .com domain name. Can you host this for me?
 We are able to host any v
 If I register my domain through Your-Site, do I own the domain?
 Although Your-Site regist
 If I wish to register a second domain for an account, what does it cost me?
 Any additional domains ar
  Is there any cost associated with transferring my domain hosting to Your-Site?
 No, there isn't. You simp
 What is a 'domain name'?
 A domian name an address
 Will my site be down for any period of time if I transfer to Your-Site?
 Your existing web site an
 My domain name has expired. How long do I have to renew it?
 If a domain is expired yo
 How can I renew my domain name?
 All hosted accounts are s
 How do I switch my website name to a different one?
 You can change the domain
 What are your nameservers or DNS servers names?
  All accounts we host sh
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