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 Can I use any cgi script on my account?
Solution While we allow users to run most scripts, we do have some limits and exceptions. Some specific examples of processes and sites that are not allowed are FFA links scripts and sites, webproxies/cache, BNC, IRC and chat scripts, bots, anonymous emailers, daemons of any kind, spiders or web crawling robots, portal sites (Yahoo like sites), Top 10/50/100 sites, distributed computing clients (Like Seti@Home), network monitoring/probing scripts and denial of service (DoS) attack scripts. If at any time Your-Site deems that a user is imposing an unreasonable load on a server or the network, Your-Site may take any action it deems necessary to correct the problem and free up resources for other users, including but not limited to killing processes or shutting down service for an offending user without notice.

Security of the script is your responsibility, so make sure from time to time you check and see if there is an update available. We have experienced that most users never upgrade a script once installed. Failure to maintain a current release of your script can result in your account being compromised and files being deleted by malicious people.

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