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 I am using FTP. Where and how do I upload files?
Solution A FTP client is required to be installed on your PC in order to upload files. Certian HTML editors (like Dreamweaver and Frontpage/Expression have these built in)

To upload your files using FTP, we recommend using FileZilla, a free popular FTP client which is available for download at http://filezilla-project.org/download.php?type=client . We also have a walk-through with screenshots on how to configure Filezilla at http://accounts.your-site.com/support/index.php?_m=troubleshooter&_a=steps&troubleshootercatid=15&parentid=0

The basic settings are:

Host: ftp.DOMAIN.COM (replace DOMAIN.COM with your actual domain name)
username: USERNAME (not the full master email address)

When uploading your website to our server you must place the files in the proper directory for them to show up properly.

When you connect via FTP most clients will log into the "root" or "/" directory. You must change to the "/www" directory before you start uploading.

Most FTP clients have a section that displays the remove server - when you first login you should see a "/www" directory; if you do, try double clicking it to put yourself into the www directory. If you don't see a www directory check to see if you're in it already.

Once you're in your www directory you should upload your files.

Let's also say that you were hosting "DOMAIN.COM" with us. If you were to upload the file "hello.jpg" to /www you would access that file in a Web browser with the URL "http://DOMAIN.COM/hello.jpg".

When someone goes to http://www.DOMAIN.COM/ what really happens is that the server says "Alright, they want the index/main page for this domain name". Now, the index page can have a couple of names, but they're very specific. You must use one of the following names for your index page:


The test page we put up on your website by default is called "index.html" - You must replace that with your index page. If you decide to use index.htm as your main page you must remove the index.html file the we provided.

One last note - UNIX is case sensitive so that "L" is NOT the same as "l". "Hello.jpg" and "hello.jpg" would be different files!

In all cases, replace DOMAIN.COM with your actual domain name and USERNAME with your real username

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