19 May 2024 
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 Can I send Spam or bulk email?
 Spamming or sending bulk
 Do you offer anonymous FTP?
 We do not offer anonymous
 Do you offer catchall e-mail address?
 We have offered this in t
 Do you offer audio/video streaming support?
 Yes, we do. There are
 Do you offer Windows based hosting?
 Due to the unreliability
 Do you put any ads or pop ups on my website?
 We do not place any pop u
 Do you support FrontPage/Expression extensions?
 Yes, we currently off ext
 How long have you been in business?
 We have been hosting webs
 I don't live in the US and would like to pay by check. Can I?
 Paying us by check from a
 I have a Windows PC and you have UNIX servers. Can I still use you?
 Of course. In fact, many
 I'm new to the net. What should I know to be able to manage my website?
 We do expect our customer
 If I cancel my account within 30 days, am I entitled to a FULL refund?
 If you cancel your accoun
 If I need support, how can I contact you and during what hours?
 Current support options a
 Is it safe to give you my credit card to you on-line?
 Yes, it is. When you use
 What is this 250 gigs of transfer? Is it enough for me?
 Our monthly transfer allo
 What things can I get tech support with?
 Connectivity/password iss
 What things can't I get tech support with?
 Use of features in 3rd pa
 What types of servers do you run?
 We currently run HP Blade
 Do you offer Unlimited Bandwidth?
 Unfortunately, we do not.
 Can I host an adult site?
 We do not allow adult ori
 Do I get my own IP address with my hosting account?
 We no longer offer this s
 Where can I get CGI scripts?
 Here are a few places we
 What type of internet connection do your servers have?
 A long haul OC-192 nation
 I need shell access for my site. How can I get it enabled?
 SSH access is only availa
 I need to change my password.
 You can change the passwo
 Where can I find your Terms of Service?
 Why are your servers slow some times?
 Basically, the Internet d
 Where is the members' help forum?
 You can access the member
 How can I update the email address that you contact me at?
 If you have your current
 What is account verification?
 Account verification woul
 How do I check how many hits I get on my website?
 Go to http://webstats.DOM
 Do you use any anti spam methods?
 Greylisting is the first
 Can I request my username and password be emailed to me?
 If you have lost your use
 How can I create a mySQL database?
 If you have a hosting pla
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